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The Women Behind the Wheel Program enables female new comers to the U.S. to become independent in terms of transportation. This program offers 14 hours of paid, behind-the-wheel, expert driving training and education to refugee and immigrant women. Coupled with our case management support, this program will ensure that participating women not only learn how to drive, but that they are comfortable driving and obtain their driver’s licenses in a timely fashion.

Why do refugee and immigrant women need access to behind-the-wheel training and driver’s education?

Many refugee and new immigrant women in Georgia do not have their driver’s licenses, which severely limits their ability to work, continue their education, learn English, keep appointments, as well as support their families. The inability to drive not only stifles their transition to life in the U.S., but also creates stress on the immediate family.

Benefits: Education, Equal Access to Services, Employment Opportunities, and Individual and Family Wellness

Image by Cory Bouthillette
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