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Unity and diversity partnership as heart


Love For Others What You Love For Yourself


Empowering Families

Women Behind The Wheel

Safe Driving to a Career

Welcome Home Program

For Every Family

Teaching Practical English

Improve Communication Skills

Community Benefit Drives

Tailored to Needs

Crisis Intervention

Tackling the Issue


Growth and Assimilation

Case Management

Case by Case


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Helping The Community

Helping the Community's purpose is to help our neighbors in need, both locally and around the globe.  We achieve this by promoting community Service Projects/Drives for the refugees, homeless and  families in need, providing monetary and other forms of assistance to those who are financially burdened, and partnering with other organizations that have similar goals.


CDF Action

CDF: A Collective Action Initiative is a not-for-profit organization that connects and engages the diverse residents of Clarkston, GA by helping residents recognize and develop their assets. It engages residents and partners to craft innovative, culturally sound, community-driven education initiatives.

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New American Pathways

New American Pathways is an Atlanta based nonprofit with the mission of helping refugees and Georgia Thrive. Their vision is for new Americans in metro Atlanta to become successful, contributing and welcomed members of Georgia’s communities by offering the most comprehensive, fully integrated continuum of services to meet specific needs.


Ethaar is a community-based, not-for-profit organization that serves local refugees and underserved families IN THE GEORGIA  COMMUNITY and guides them towards the achievement of true self-reliance. Ethaar strives to ease these families' struggles by addressing their evolving needs. The organization empowers them through education and life skills and nurtures leadership within themselves.


Ethaar means "going beyond loving for others what you love for yourself and putting the needs of others over your own, out of kindness and compassion" — this is what Ethaar aims to attain as our core value.



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