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The Welcome Home Program is designed to provide new families with a dignified and comfortable transition. This includes our Welcome Home Amazon Wish List, designed to provide new families with items necessary to furnish their new homes, our Settling In Target List, which provides all necessary hygiene products to these families, our Welcome to the World List, which provides a list of essentials for the family's first baby, and our Convenience Initiative, which provides necessary bulky items such as Washers and Dryers.


What makes this program unique?

  • As refugees, asylees, and immigrants move to the United States, they must adapt quickly to their new lives. Those resettled here are provided with very basic needs based on donations available at the time and the amount of money allotted to each family.

  • At Ethaar, we believe in “loving for others what you love for yourself.” Our Welcome Program consists of three components: Welcome Home, Settling In and Convenience. We design Amazon Wish Lists and Target Hygiene Lists based on families’ individual needs and share the list on social media platforms.

  • All items are hand-delivered by our volunteers and duplicate items are reserved for other families in need. This gives volunteers the opportunity to greet and engage with the newcomers.

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