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Ongoing comprehensive management of families, on a case-by-case basis, that involves Intakes, Needs Assessments, Service Planning, Evaluation and Follow Up.

Why do refugee and immigrant families need case management?

  • Although most of the families we serve share common hurdles, all of them have unique needs.

  • Some have disabled children who may need help with their school’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP); others may have chronic or terminal illnesses. Some may need help finding their relatives who were not able to immigrate with them.

  • Our experienced case manager helps families renew their food stamps, apply for social security benefits and unemployment, and works intimately with clients’ respective resettlement agencies to best serve the families. 

  • Families in need of case management must meet with Ethaar staff and follow an intake process. Once completed, the family’s needs are addressed and services are planned. Evaluation and periodic follow up are then crucial to make this process a successful one.

In a Meeting
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